Run Your Race

February 6, 2022
Our time on earth is but a drop in the ocean of eternity, but what we do during this time matters. We are called to run this race of life…

The One Who Calls

January 30, 2022
Last week, Chris shared about the call of Jesus to his disciples, and to us. This week, as he goes through Psalm 23 verse by verse, we see that the…

The Call

January 23, 2022
Jesus has called us to be his disciples throughout the world. That may not mean we’re all destined to be preachers and pastors, but we can proclaim what he has…

Our Story

January 16, 2022
When we share our story with others, we are proclaiming who God is and what he has done for us. But before we can share our story, we need to…


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