January 24, 2021

Words of Life

Passage: Matthew 4:4, John 15:7-8

During his temptation, when his life was under pressure and he was hungry, Jesus made a profound statement about the value of God’s words. Later on in his ministry, he taught that we are like branches of a vine and unless we abide in him and allow his words to abide in us, we will never bear any fruit. Jesus describes a life where the scriptures are our primary influence and where they affect the way that we live. The scriptures are liberating because they clean us, and they are empowering because the enable us to obey. It is through an understanding of the scriptures that we can pray according to God’s will. It is true that our character is shaped by the people we spend most of our time with. Why not let it be Jesus’ character and Jesus’ words that have the greatest influence on who we are in 2021.

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