January 17, 2021

The Grandmaster at Work

Passage: Ephesians 3:20-21

Imagine a chess grandmaster moving his pieces on the board with the perfect strategy and vision to win the match. He is thinking 15 to 20 moves ahead. You may be watching the game and you have no idea what the grandmaster is thinking. You may wonder how he is going to get out of a tight spot or whether he has missed the trap that the opponent has set for him. But the grandmaster knows where the game is going. He knows how to use the pawn and the knight and the bishop in perfect harmony to achieve his objective. His aim is for his kingdom to dominate the way the game is played. The position of his pieces influences whole areas of the board so that the other player is limited in what they can do. He is in total control until the moment he moves the final piece into place and it is check mate. This is what life is like right now. When you look at it from the outside or even when you look at your little patch of the board, it can seem totally out of control and without any plan to it. But when you look from the grandmaster’s perspective, you see everything coming together in perfect timing and with total precision.

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