March 19, 2023

The Character of God: Abounding in Love

Passage: Exodus 34:6-7

Today we are speaking about “abounding in love” – or as some translations put it “abounding in loyal love”. That word God uses for love in this context has to do with relationship. It is not just a loving feeling in the moment. It is an act of the will. It is a decision to love someone with loyalty and faithfulness – not because they deserve it but because God is loving by nature. It is also an abounding love – meaning that it is in extravagant supply. It is not the kind of love that you have to squeeze out of God against their will. It is the kind of love that overflows. You can drink water from a dam by climbing up to the dam and then dipping your cup into the water to get something to drink. Or you can drink water from a dam that has its sluice gates open and the water is thundering out towards you. Abounding in love is the kind of love that is rushing at you – not the kind of love you have to climb up and work hard to get a small sip.

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