November 29, 2020

The Birth of the Church: Week 11

Passage: Acts Chapter 8

Philip has been chased out of Jerusalem due to the persecution against the church, but that doesn’t change the fact that his whole life is now centred on Jesus. He shares the gospel message wherever he goes, including to the Ethiopian Eunuch we meet in today’s scripture. Whenever the gospel comes to someone, it demands a response from that person. Whether we take some time to process the claims of Christ or whether we are immediately convinced, there is still a response required. Either we commit to following Jesus and pass through the waters of baptism or reject him and walk away. The Ethiopian Eunuch follows the example of Philip. He goes on his way rejoicing. Church history tells us that the message of Jesus spread into Africa as a result and many influential Christian leaders emerged from this continent. If the gospel has come to you, it is meant to get through you to others. What are you waiting for?

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