April 30, 2023

The Beginnings: Intro

Passage: Genesis 1 to 3

The first three chapters of Genesis contain the epic events of creation. They tell us about God speaking and the universe coming into being – light, land water, all kinds of creatures and of course the pinnacle of creation in the form of human beings – made, the Bible tells us, in the very image of God. We read about how God brings order out of chaos, how he gives human beings a task to care for this creation so that it becomes a place where life can flourish.
In these chapters, we are introduced to the serpent – the devil, the tempter of humankind. So crafty is this serpent that he catches Adam and Eve in a plot of lies and deceit and convinces them to distrust God and rather take their lives in their own hands. The results are catastrophic – a complete breakdown in their relationship with God – and also in their relationships with one another. Ultimately, they are banished from the Garden God prepared for them. But even in that moment of judgement and heartache, there is the promise of a future Saviour that offers them hope.
What can we learn from the first three chapters of the book of Genesis?

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