October 22, 2023

Some Thoughts on War


According to global agencies, there are about 32 active conflicts in the world right now. Some are small, regional conflicts that we may not even know about. Others are dominating headlines and impacting the whole. When we see images of war, it is heart-breaking. The suffering caused to many innocents, especially the most vulnerable of all – children. There is the mass destruction of buildings and the physical and mental injuries to soldiers that many will never recover from. The death toll keeps climbing, each one representing a precious human life. We are not God, and we can never fully grasp all that God is and all that he thinks. And yet, there are some truths that we can hold onto even if we don’t understand it all. There are some anchors for the soul in the turmoil of war that can help us remain on an even keel and help us to pray effective prayers during these times.

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