March 21, 2021

Shaped for Serving God

Passage: Genesis 15 & 24

Every human being is created by God with a unique DNA. We each have our own personality and our own life experiences, our own strengths and weaknesses that define our shape. And God has made us like this so that we can serve him in our own unique way. Every person needs to start somewhere and learn to serve in areas of need. But, over time, we should also find specific ways that we can serve God that uses our gifts and brings us joy. Eliezer was a servant of Abraham who at one time thought he would become Abraham’s heir. But with the birth of Abraham’s biological children, that potential benefit was lost forever. But Eliezer proved himself as a good steward by passing the tests of servanthood and going on to be trusted with a task involving Abraham’s most treasured possession – his son. Eliezer sets us a great example of serving as we seek to be faithful with the tasks God assigns to us.

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