January 8, 2023

Pressing On

Passage: Philippians 3:12-14

God has designed the world with continuous opportunities to start again. At the end of every day, we get a sunset to mark the passing of that day. Every morning we get a sunrise to mark the start of a new day with all the potential it holds. Every week has a weekend – and of course, a dreaded Monday morning. Every season passes as the next season arrives to take its place. And every year closes on the 31 December so that a new year can begin the next day.
Every New Year is a gift. It is a blank slate. It is an opportunity. It is a fresh start. We can learn to take advantage of the New Year as we look to move forward – away from the past and towards the future. That does not mean making New Year’s resolutions that won’t last to the end of the month, but rather letting go of things that can hold us back and pressing forward to the things God has in store for us!

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