January 7, 2024



One of the characteristics of life in the world that we live in is that it sometimes seems that life is relentless. There is this constant sense of uncertainty in the global environment – from wars to economic challenges. There are the challenges of work and business, the challenges of family and children, the challenges of health. Sometimes we just go through a winter season. There may not even necessarily be a specific reason for it. We just feel down, lethargic, weary from the long journey so far. And there are also the challenges of the life of faith. Doubts that creep up in our minds, disappointment with unanswered prayer, temptation that seems too strong for us, or bad habits that threaten to derail our faith, or our testimony, or our conscience with a sense of guilt or condemnation. My message today is about perseverance – about keeping on when you feel like giving up, about trusting God despite the lack of evidence that he is with you or that he knows where you are at and how you feel.

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