July 25, 2021

It Takes a Village (Part 3 of 6)

Repairing the walls of Jerusalem was never going to be a one-person job. Nehemiah would need all the residents of the city and even beyond to help him to get the job done. It’s the same with our lives. We will never repair our broken walls or build a life of faith on our own. We need a village of fellow believers around us to help to get the job done. Only the local church is designed to meet this need. If we choose a group of friends, we will miss out on the gifting and personality of people who we don’t normally connect with. If we choose an organization, we may lose the heart of working together by faith. But when we integrate our lives with the village of the local church, we will experience the wonder of partnering together to repair walls and build lives of faith. What kind of people do we need in our village?

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