April 28, 2024

In All Things, God Works for Our Good

Passage: Romans 8:28

What do we do when we get disappointed? What do we do when life seems unfair? How do we respond when our prayers don’t get answered – or when we don’t like the answer that’s given? God is not oblivious to the things we are going through. On the contrary he is working. He is going to use these things together with everything else going on around us for our good. He has proven his heart and his intentions by giving us Jesus and the gift of salvation. Everything else is minor compared to that. His purposes are for our good – to shape our character and refine our faith. And his ultimate aim is to bring glory to God through our lives. There is a little verse in the middle of Romans that I want to turn to for help this morning and I hope it can help all of us as we face life’s challenges.

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