June 20, 2021

Honouring our Father in Heaven


Father’s day is an occasion of celebration for some as they honour their dad. But for others it is more painful due to loss or disappointment. However, there is a great Father in heaven who is the perfect parent to his children. It was Jesus that introduced us to God as our Father. He showed us his relationship with the Father in the way that he taught us to pray, the stories that he told (like that of the prodigal son), and even the way that he died by committing his spirit into the hands of his Father. The amazing thing is that Jesus invited us into that same relationship. As we honour our earthy fathers today, it is also an opportunity to honour our Father in heaven. We can consider that characteristics of God that we admire. We can express our thanks to him for what he has done. We can remind ourselves of how committed he is to his children and how fairly he always treats us. He is the ultimate Father and it is the highest privilege to be adopted into his family.

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