October 3, 2021

A Radical Mission Part 2

Passage: Acts 14

Preaching the gospel is a radical mission. These pioneers – Paul and Barnabas – experienced incredible highs and severe challenges. People sometimes want to worship them as gods, and other times want to stone them to death. But, they persevere with their task to get the message about Jesus to as many different people as they can. They show people that God is seeking a relationship with us. He doesn’t want a religious or a superstitious response. Even creation is constantly speaking to us about the nature and character of God. He is powerful, creative, pays attention to the smallest detail and sustains his creation because he cares for it. This is how he feels about us too. We have the privilege of carrying on the work of these early disciples – sharing our faith with others and putting into practice what we learn from the scriptures.

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