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Online Church

Sunday Online Services

With the Covid-19 pandemic, like millions of churches across the globe, we too found it necessary to move into the online space. On the 22nd of March 2020, we had our first online service, using the Online Church Platform. The platform is great as it allows for a live chat to happen before and during the service, as well as a simulated live stream service video, and can be viewed from any device.

Each week, the video includes a time of hosting, worship and a sermon, as well as a short Kid’s Ministry segment. Once a month, we lead you in a short time of Communion.

You can find us online every Sunday from 9:00 am, with the service starting at 9:30 am. The online service link is the same each week (https://redeemerchurchmu.online.church).

Kid's Ministry Playlists

We have a two weekly Kid’s Ministry playlists (one for 3-6 year olds and one for 7-12 year olds) on our YouTube channel for your children to enjoy either during or after the adult online service. Each week, we update the playlists with new videos.

Each Kid’s Ministry playlist includes a few kids worship videos, as well as an age-appropriate teaching video. You can find both the 3-6 year old playlist and the 7-12 year old playlist on our YouTube channel. 

You can also find our Kid’s Ministry playlists on the church LinkTree (RedeemerChurchMu) or by following the link that pops up at the end of our Online Service. 

Sunday Worship Playlists

Every Sunday, we share a weekly playlist of worship videos on our YouTube channel. 

You can find our weekly Worship playlist on our YouTube channel under playlists, or by following the link that pops up during our Online Service. 

We also have a Kid’s Worship playlist that includes a variety of children’s worship videos for your little ones to enjoy.

Redeemer Church LinkTree

The more we head into the online space, the more links we seem to create. In order to make life a whole lot simpler for all of you, we have created a custom Redeemer LinkTree. The LinkTree is a place where all the Redeemer Church links appear in one easy-to-find location. 

On our LinkTree, you will find links to all the aspects of Online Church, such as the Online Church platform and the Kid’s Ministry playlists. In addition, you will also find links to a prayer request form, an in-person meeting sign-up form and all our social media platforms. 

The LinkTree is really easy to find on https://linktr.ee/RedeemerChurchMu. We suggest you save the only Redeemer link you will ever need in an easy to find location!



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