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Experiencing God

About The Series

We are starting a new series in the first week of July, which is an exciting new initiative. The format will be the same as when we did 40 Days of Purpose last year. The series consists of a daily devotional book that we are going to follow together. There will also be weekly small group meetings where there will be a video teaching and discussion and our Sunday services will follow the same theme of the week.
The series is called Experiencing God and it is all about knowing God and walking in his will for your life. Many people struggle in their relationship with God because they are distracted by other things in their life, or they feel like it must be easier for other people to connect with God but they can never seem to hear his voice or understand what he wants from their life. This is a great series to explore your relationship with God and the practical life of faith. 
This series is a great opportunity to get more connected with the church. If you are not in a small group, now is the time to join. You can sign up for one of the existing groups, you can volunteer to lead a group, or you can gather some new and old friends and form your own group. The main thing is to get connected and to walk this journey together. This particular series is also great for people exploring the faith. If you have an unchurched friend – someone who is not sure what they believe or whether the Christian faith is for them – this is a great journey to invite them into.
You can find out more about the material here.

The study guides can be purchased from the LifeWay site, but please don’t buy anything yet. The church is going to do a bulk purchase and then you can purchase through us. This will allow us to subsidise the material slightly and also give you the best deal. We’ll let you know more about that closer to the time. 

For now, all you need to do is Sign Up!

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To join a group in your area, lead a group or start your own group, you can sign up through the link here

Alternatively, drop us a mail to find out more about it on



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